EmergencyLocks Chicago - Our Testimonials
1. EmergencyLocks is just amazing!!! The services are quick and fast. I was stranded in the middle of the night after a lockout. Luckily my friend had your number. I just cant believe our quickly you reached the spot and fixed everything. Before I knew it we were on the road again heading home. Thanks guys! I have saved your number and once I am stuck somewhere you are the first people I am going to call! Jason L.G

2. Your services are great and I love the way your technicians work. They are so professional and friendly. No matter what the situation they are never rude. I have called them a number of times as I face the habit of losing my keys often. Every time I call them they are fast to respond. They are compassionate and never get annoyed. I guess EmergencyLocks is one of the best in the area. I am not the only one praising them many other residents also do! (Norman)

3. I remember going to my nephew’s birthday party when all of a sudden my daughter slammed the front door of my house locking us both outside. It was a cold chilly winter evening and I also forgot to take my coat as my little girl rang out to get inside the car for the party. I called you and was impressed by the promptness by which you attended my call. You were so friendly and before I knew it I saw a van drawing in front of my house. You were fast and the prices were fair. I am very happy with your service. I did not miss the birthday of my nephew and yes my little girl too has a great time…thanks a lot!

4. I was so frustrated and angry after I had lost my safe keys. I called you over and the professional was very compassionate and polite. He helped me out of the situation in just a few minutes. He was very professional and he removed all my fears and apprehensions. For some strange reason I felt at ease and began trusting him. In minutes everything was solved and I got a duplicate key. I hope I do not fall in a similar situation again but am sure to call you guys soon for installing a new security system for my new office. (Rhonda, Chicago)

5. I got locked out of my car once in midnight. I called you waiting patiently on the road. I thought you would arrive after hours as your 15 minutes response time may have been a promotional gimmick. To my utter surprise you really lived up to your promise. I was so happy. Your professionals are experts. They resolved the issue on spot. They had all the materials and equipment they needed. I really must say that you are what you claim to be…thanks guys! Glen Tim

6. I had lost my house keys all of a sudden. I gave you guys a call and there you were ready with a duplicate key in minutes. I will always rely on you and recommend you to all I know!
Robert De